Sources Chrétiennes

Programme de recherche pour l'édition des textes chrétiens anciens

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Christian Sources Research Program

Christian Sources Research Program


« Sources Chrétiennes » (Christian Sources Research Program) was affiliated to the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) in response to the specific needs relative to the scholarship and works involved in studying and editing historical Christian texts. This research group is made up of several scholars who compile and analyse studies prepared by a network of French and foreign associates.
The basic purpose of « Sources chrétiennes » is :

  • to edit the most important texts from the first 1400 years of the Church, most of them written by the Church Fathers. These writings include apologetics, biblical commentary, sermons, treatises, letters, liturgies, poems and hymns, dialogues, ascetic writings, Church canons and history...
  • to teach the reading of these texts and the interpretative and editing methods,
  • to organise some and participate in numerous seminars, conferences and international symposiums, with the aim of contributing to the advancement of Patristics, i. e. the knowledge of the Church Fathers. 

The 570-volume « Sources Chrétiennes » collection presents on the left-hand page full original texts, often with an entirely new critical apparatus (established according to modern scientific standards), and a new French translation on the right, together with introductions, notes and indexes which make their study and understanding more accessible.
In addition to the well-known Collection des Universités de France, devoted to the Greek and Roman classics, the « Sources Chrétiennes » collection presents ancient Greek and Latin texts by Christian writers, but also Eastern ones (Syrian, Armenian and Coptic), together with some medieval works. Among Latin Christian writers a special series is devoted to the "Textes monastiques d'Occident", which make available various spiritual works of the Middle Ages that, despite their importance, had been very difficult to obtain hitherto.
This series meets the expectations of the linguist, the historian, the philosopher and the theologian and also appeals to the educated layman seeking guidance with regard to an authentic return to the Christian biblical, liturgical and patristic sources. It is the only series of such dimensions to present issues which both reach the level of international scholarship and cater for the needs of the general reader, thus going far beyond the field of the specialist.

Sources Chrétiennes, which is published by the Éditions du Cerf, was founded in 1942 by Cardinals Jean Daniélou, S. J. (†) and Henri de Lubac, S.J. (†) and the Rev. Father Claude Mondésert, S.J. (†).

The director is Bernard Meunier, CNRS.

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